Ground Penetrating Radar

Throughout the years, many underground tanks have been excavated and removed, legally abandoned or simply left unattended and unused.  However, as the years pass by and property ownership changes, proper documentation which gives assurance as to the existence or absence of a buried tank is frequently not available.

Enviroshield has the capability of responding quickly to requests to perform metal scans of properties to look for possible buried tanks. Enviroshield can also provide services to utilize ground penetrating radar (GPR). Both are non-destructive and are industry standards for determining the presence of a metal mass that could represent a buried underground tank. GPR is a much more advanced and sensitive method which uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band (UHF/VHF frequencies) of the radio spectrum, and detects the reflected signals from subsurface structures (like buried tanks). Metal detection and GPR can frequently be used through a variety of media, including rock, soil, ice, snow, pavements and (literally) inside of buildings or homes.

These methods are affordable and can save property owners thousands of dollars by not being surprised to find old buried tanks, and the problems that could surround them.

Property Scan follow-up considerations:

Even when evidence of past tank removal, abandonment or non-existence of an underground tank is reported, a property owner or purchaser may still not have environmental assurance that a historical tank (present or absent) did not accidentally release oil into the ground during its use.

Soil samples collected from beneath the presumed depth of a former buried tank should be considered for laboratory testing to give assurance that a previously used, removed or abandoned tank did not release any oil into the surrounding soil. Soil and Groundwater sampling may be a service you’ll want to choose!