contaminated soilEnviroshield has all of the appropriate equipment and OSHA trained personnel to satisfy the needs of most remediation and environmental construction requirements. We have completed hundreds of successful remediation projects and have been cleaning up soil and groundwater adversely affected by petroleum for over 20 years.

Clean up

In most clean up situations, YOU, the responsible party, do have choices. We understand you need to be cost conscious when selecting a contractor to work on your property, or in your home.

We work closely with property owners, attorneys and real estate agents to provide sound remedial advice and solutions. It's important to note that the majority of the services we provide are requested by our clients and not mandated by a regulatory agency. Comparing the rates of different contractors does not usually give a fair indication of which contractor will be most cost effective. Why choose us?

Factors that contribute to project expense are:

  • Personnel and equipment utilization
  • The extent of work performed - There are reasonable limits and property clean-up alternatives
  • Final report value - The value of the final report refers to the weight the report carries in the eyes of a property purchaser, their representatives and the state Environmental Protection Agencies

soil removal

Most of our clientele encounter the necessity to clean up petroleum contaminants only once in their lifetime. They are therefore placing their trust in a contractor they are not familiar with, to perform a service that most people know little about.

We encourage you not to take our word for it; ask your Attorney, Realtor, Town Fire Marshal or state Environmental Regulatory Agency about Enviroshield. Please take a moment to read our customer testimonials.

  • Excavation of contaminated soil
  • Groundwater pump and treat systems
  • Enhanced natural degradation of contaminants