legally abandoned tank legally abandoned tank under stone steps Tanks are abandoned when physical obstructions prevent removal. When a tank cannot be removed due to certain circumstances, but is to be taken out of service, we "legally abandon" the tank. Our abandonment process is compliant with all Federal, State and Local agencies, though specific approval from each individual town or city is required.

All inclusive
abandonment package:

  • Obtaining of necessary permits
  • Coordination with and notification of Fire Marshal where necessary
  • Cutting the tank open for cleaning
  • Removal of remaining oil and/or sludge from the tank with our vacuum truck
  • Core tank to gain access to area beneath tank for soil sampling
  • Soil sampling from beneath the tank
  • Independent Certified Lab analysis of soil sampling
  • Filling of the tank with an inert material (upon lab confirmation of clen soil sampling)
  • Spread any removed soil back over the tank site to grade level
  • Restore the surface area to original condition
  • Report with detailed soil analysis information recognized and accepted by Regulatory Agencies, Realtors, Attorneys and Lending Institutions