We remove above ground storage tanks (AST’s) and underground storage tanks (UST’s) and provide our clients with all the documentation related to the removal and disposal of the tank. For underground tanks this includes a report of the soil analysis performed on the tank excavation.

There is a misconception about when is the best time of year to remove an underground tank. We remove underground tanks and perform other services the year around. To avoid damage to many lawns, it often makes sense to excavate and remove tanks when the ground is dry and firm, such as during a dry summer, late autumn, winter or early spring – before the thaw!

All inclusive tank removal package:

  • Obtaining of necessary permits
  • Coordination with and notification of Fire Marshal where necessary
  • Elimination of remaining oil or sludge from the tank with our vacuum truck
  • Tank removal
  • Field analysis of soil samples after tank removal for underground tanks
  • Placement of clean fill along with seed and hay on former site of underground tank
  • Clean, transport and dispose of tank at a certified disposal facility
  • Independent Certified Lab analysis of soil sampling for underground tanks
  • Report with detailed information that is recognized and accepted by Regulatory Agencies, Realtors, Attorneys and Lending Institutions.

Client Alert!

Many good, honest people own backhoes and excavators and may wish to offer their services as a favor to a friend, or remove an underground tank without having the necessary knowledge or licensing required to perform such services. Countless property owners, attorneys and real estate brokers contact Enviroshield Inc. every week, with the need to spend money unnecessarily to correct, clarify and/or complement the work done by others who simply were not familiar with environmental laws, regulations and industry standards that apply to even the smallest underground or aboveground storage tanks utilized for residential use.

Don't be surprised when it's time to sell your property – call Enviroshield Inc. today and be sure you've done your homework, especially when it concerns YOUR property.

We Remove Tanks in All Shapes and Sizes

We remove tanks from the easy locations and from the not so easy locations